I've had much to do lately,I think I've forgotten what I really came to do.
Which is to teach.
THê school where I work is really huge.
Literally as big as Ä shopping mall.
We have THê whole school scene from pre-school all THê way to highschool.
So imagine being in this place with little toodlers trotting past melting us in Ä way, and then being rudely knocked over by Ä bunch of hormone raging bull lookalike teenagers.
Your mind will tend to then wonder if all this is worth it.
Its definitely playing in your mind.

Legends will live through us

I watched MJ'§ "this is it".
It was awesome.
Such brilliance that man.
He put everything into perspective.
And did it his own way.
Ä way I've never seen any other musician do.
He'§ Ä bit of Ä perfectionist though.
Very specific and particular.
But still undenialbly(sp?)THê best.
I wouldn't mind watching it again.
I thought we would have to cry our eyeballs out,but it turned out to be very professionaly done.
It didn't have THê memoriam touch to it.
More like watching him as if he was still alive.
Now that he'§ gone tho,
I would just like to say that MJ will live through us.
He'§ THê best and its Ä sad thing that he had to leave.
I think that's just how it is with these legendary people.
They never last for very long.
However, they leave Ä very big impact in our lives.

On Ä brighter note, I skipped dinner three times this week.
I feel Ä whole lot smaller on THê tummy.
I hope it'll last for while, cause usually whenever I say this out loud, next time I'm gulping everything in sight.
So *fingers crossed*.
As much as I love food, I have to be able to control.
Need to loose that couple of pounds.

My school'§ having Ä field trip, and I'm one of THê people in charge.
Oh I hope they find someplace interesting.
I'll be so bored if they end up going to Taman Mini again.
Its only 10minutes away from where I live.
It'll be fantastic if its somewhere far far away.

I've been dying for an English breakfast,so Tania and I are planning to make one of our own in here place.
It'll be fun to have Ä change of enviroment.
All we have to do is find out where we can get bacon.
Can't wait for it.

Going to bed.
I've got Ä whole day ahead of me tommorrow.
We're gonna head over to Biblioteque.
Whole lot of fun.

Kisses - yours truly.

There's nothing wrong with my hair.

I'm trying to make this one last, but it just seems to be a mere anticipation for when i first had this.
I'm having a writers block if you may say so.
Words and sentences used to come out of my fingertips as fast as you can say "toodle".
Now I'd have to sit in front of the computer for hours just waiting for an inspiration.
Or it could also be due to the fact that nothing remotely interesting has been happening to me.
I get up for work at 6, leave work at 7, finish work at 4, go out for coffee, get back at 9 and off to sleep afterward.
No 22 year old woman could call that "life".
However, there is no harm making an effort to at least come up with something interesting to write.

So here goes,

I don't own a camera anymore.
This girl accidentally dropped my one and only camera on the floor lenses first.
So now i have this camera which refuse to switch on nor off.
I can't fix it since i did not buy it here in Jakarta.
And the Canon shops here are only able to fix a camera with the same serial number.
So I've lost my youth, my entertainment and now my camera.
All I've got left is my phone,though to tell you the truth, has got everything that i need.
An internet(I don't have it at home), camera and a notepad =)
Except the notepad hadn't really been of much use to me.
I prefer the old school way of paper and pen.


I have a habit of over-eating.
It's unhealthy i know, but when good food comes, the first instinct in my body is to take them all away and gulp down each and everyone of them till there's none left.
I don't know why food have always played an important part in my daily life.
Everyday before i sleep, I will think of all the glorious food and do so again when i get up in the mornings.
To those who look at food just as a form of survival wouldn't understand just how IMPORTANT food is to me =(

(was going to upload pictures from the internet but to no avail, which is also a reminder to get internet line at home)

Alright peeps, class will start in precisely NOW.
Need to attend to all the wonderful kids before they start running about and causing injuries to themselves and others.

sloppy kisses and big tight hugs - yours truly.

Panas inside out.

There isn't much to do when you've skipped work due to fever.
I've been falling in and out of sickness lately.
It's pissing the hell out of me.
I have to skip work and be bored out of my skull staying home.
At first i thought it was just because it's sick season and everybody else is falling sick.
Plus with all the swine flu epidemic going around, and everyone is freaked out afraid that they're gonna get it as well.
I think mine is just due to the stress from work.
I work with kids and i love it for sure.
But that's not the case here, i just somehow feel that I've failed.
There's so much that i could i do, if given the chance.
If given any chance.
But no, they choose to just label me and put me in a box
And because of that dear friends, i have lost my faith,enthusiasm and spirit.
I have started to have this thoughts in my head telling me that i deserve so much more than being in that stupid school.
However, i will not be discouraged anymore!
I need to brace up and move on.
Because I've sign the fucking contract.
And because it's my first ever job, and most people say it's sometimes not what you've ever wanted.
Also, because i love those kids.

back in black

hello peeps!
It's been awhile hasn't it.
Iva abandoned my old blog and moved on here.
There was just too much past that i didnt care to know anymore.
Everything is just so new now.
Which of course you'll eventually see for yourself.

I wouldn't be blogging as much as i did in my previous blog.
I don't think i have the time.
I need to fix my laptop, i can't seem to upload any pictures.
its annoying really.
Who wants to read endless blabberings about other people's daily life when they can just look at pictures right?

Well,in due time, I will be updating ya' all from time to time.
See you all :)